15 Years of SEO in Kent

We are in our fifteenth year of providing search engine optimisation & ranking services to clients throughout Maidstone, Kent and the United Kingdom.

Why Choose Us?

15 Years experience in getting websites ranked in Google : So many new web firms have shot up lately, or existing web design companies have suddenly jumped on the SEO bandwagon.

We do our own SEO work : So many companies now outsource, or have "strategic partnerships" to sell services. We do our own work.

We foster long term partnerships: We are in it for the long run, some of our clients have been with us for many years, and we continue to help them grow their businesses.

We go the extra mile: We'll help and advise you on improving your website to squeeze more sales out of it. We'll tell you about any new online advertising that we think would give you a good ROI.


What is SEO?

SEO Agency in KentSearch engine optimisation is the process of getting a website high up in the organic search results, for keyword phrases related to it's content.

Since the early days of the Internet, website owners have recognised that having their website at the top of listings, will get visitors, and ultimately make them sales. Since then, the race has been on.

How Is SEO Done?

There are hundreds of factors that Google llooks at to compare websites, and determine who comes top of the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

Just a selection of these factors include:

  • Search term in the HTML Title Tag
  • Profile of incoming links to the website
  • On Page Content : Keyword mentioned at beginning, co-occuring keywords, overall keyword density
  • Related pages linked out to, both on-site and off-site
  • Authority of the domain
  • Absence of any penalties or violations
  • Presence of Rich Snippet mark up

What do you do to my website?

A lot of what we do is behind the scenes. First, we conduct a full audit to look for any potential problems that may prevent your website from ranking. We check that Google's crawler (or spider) can crawl it properly, that there are no major coding errors and that pages load reasonably fast.

Next we check the content. The Panda algorithm penalised sites with thin & duplicate content, so we look for issues here and advise you of the remedies. We amy advise adding content to target pages.

We will then look at your website's incoming link profile. This is targetted by the Penguin algorithm which penalises sites with excessive exact match anchor text and links from low quality sites. Again we advise if we find issues, and can offer link removal services where we find particularly bad examples.

Keyword research is undertaken to establish the most important, relevant keyword phrases to target. We will agree with you a balance of relevant keywords that are achievable, adding in more competitive terms for the long term.

Offsite tasks , such as linking , are also undertaken. Social media profiles are set up if required. For local search terms, added things such as reputation/reviews may come into play. In short, it’s a time consuming, intricate business and large companies pay small fortunes to dominate the search engines.

But we can help.

How much does it cost?

We quote each client individually as every industry, market and website has different requirements.

One thing is for sure, the cost of cheap SEO to your business is many times the price you pay out: For one, there are the lost opportunities while your competitors scoop the top rankings, but there may also be long term damage to your website through bad practices.

Some SEO Advice

You may be approached by so called “specialists” offering guaranteed rankings. Beware. No one can make genuine guarantees as no one can control Google or any other search engines.

Their Trick is this: Usually they select a low competition keyword phrase, and eventually get you ranked well for it. However, it may be a very low traffic phrase – and the point is to get traffic after all.

Viola: They've guaranteed a ranking -albeit one with very few visitors. And you still haven't got any meaningful traffic.

Another trick is this. They use Google Adwords to bid on a keyword phrase (usually one that doesn't get many clicks) so it looks like your site is at the top of Google. But they have paid a minimal amount, and again it's not a phrase that delivers traffic.

Black hat or white hat? “Black hat” techniques use trickery to fool the search engines- while this may work in the short term, they soon find out and can ban your site for using them. Make sure any company you use for SEO uses only honest “white hat” techniques.


We don’t make any guarantees. But we will try our utmost to get you ranked well. We’ll look into your market, research the related keyphrases and advise you if success looks possible – and we’ll be honest and tell you if it looks tricky.

Every SEO project is different, so we price each one individually.

For more information call us on 01622 752435

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